Dr. Nancy P. Jenster is an American living overseas since 1989, semi-retired from a career as business school professor, executive learning and development specialist and leadership and team coach. Although music has always been her passion, as a songwriter, performer, choir leader, lyricist and arranger, it is only now, after a 30 year career teaching and training, that she has found time to follow her 'third chapter' passion: musical playwriting. She lives in Penang, Malaysia and Lisbon, Portugal. 

She wrote "Abbie & the A-Team" inspired by the answer to a prayer.  In 2001, whilst residing in Copenhagen, she and her family suffered the sudden loss of her beloved in-laws.  In the midst of her family's grief, she stood in need of a new song to teach her Sunday School youth choir for Palm Sunday.  She prayed for inspiration and was surprised when the prayer was answered the next morning with a single, funny, funky and easy-to-learn song, "Praise, Jerusalem".  From that day, the floodgates of musical inspiration opened. Over the next thirty days, Nancy created 25 songs, all humorous and catchy songs telling stories of the Bible in ways that ordinary mortals could understand.


The story of Abbie and her angel friends took shape over the following 15 years, based on people in her life, incorporating some of the songs inspired from that first call for help in 2001.  Abbie & the A-Team was performed for the first time, on May 5th, 2018 in Penang, Malaysia, at Penang Performing Arts Centre, directed by Nicole Stinton of Perth--to rave reviews and standing ovations from enthusiastic family audiences drawn from the international community in Penang!  


She has previously written a musical about true events in Denmark in 1000 AD:  "Forkbeard & Olav" (2015) which was performed in Dublin Ireland in 2016, further workshopped in January 2018 on West End,  London, and is currently in pre-production in the UK. As an avid theatre-goer and member of Dramatists Guild, she follows closely the ongoing developments in musical theatre both in the UK, USA, Australia and Malaysia. 

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