In this new Interfaith Musical designed to please the whole family, we follow the dramatic unfolding of the story of Abbie and her family in their struggle to forgive and move on from an unfortunate event in the past...

Ten years ago Abbie's father, Franklin, a talented artist with a gambling problem, lost one game too many, got into debt and was forced to work for a Mafia gang to pay his debts off, by counter-feiting US Treasury bills. At the moment when Franklin was sentenced to 20 years in prison,  Abbie’s mother Catherine was furious and told her 3 year old daughter that her father was "as good as dead" to her.  Baby Abbie took her words literally and has grown up believing that she has no father.

Ten years have passed and Abbie is now 13.  She has grown into a cynical, street-wise kid , working part-time jobs to help her mother financially, Abbie's daily menace is Jess, a mean and menacing older girl, who lives by threatening others and stealing. Abbie doesn’t trust adults or anyone else for that matter, except for perhaps Molly, her best friend. Molly has recently lost her father to illness and tries to get Abbie to empathise with her pain, but she is unable to relate, having never known a father's love herself. Abbie pushes others away, gradually getting more and more isolated, and seeks solace in technology, particularly her Smart Phone games. Molly is losing patience with her and Bully  Jess is more than willing to steal Molly's friendship from Abbie if she can.


Franklin learns that he will be released early from prison for good behaviour. But knowing that his family  has long ago abandoned him, Franklin is desperate and asks God for help. Angel Gabriel (Gee), on behalf of his boss, is sent to intervene and help out. But when Gabriel meets Abbie to tell her that her father is in fact alive,  Abbie is angry, confused and refuses to believe Gabriel is "for real". Gabriel then summons the "rookies" of the A-Team, Gabriel's band of angels, Lucy, Mattie, Jane and Marcia, to help persuade Abbie that there is a "master plan" for Abbie and her family and that she can learn to forgive her father.  But when Gabriel meets Catherine to talk about forgiveness, he finds that her heart is locked tight against the idea of forgiving her husband for his weakness 10 years ago.


    Will Catherine forgive her husband for abandoning his family? Will the help from Gabriel and the angels, and best friend Molly, restore Abbie's faith in humankind? Can Abbie's family be reunited after all these years? 

The Cast

Meet the Mortals....


13 year old girl, a bit nerdy, science-oriented skeptic, hard-working, conscientious, addicted to smartphone


Abbie’s father, Artist, Gambler, Counterfeiter, Prisoner, handyman


Abbie's mother, church choir leader, respectable, concerned about her social standing


Abbie’s best friend, (13) choir singer, idealistic, believer, demands excellence of herself and others 


Abbie’s nemesis, (15) a bully, daughter of Mafia Boss, rough-mannered & cruel, but with inner torment and insecurities 

And, the A-Team, the  Angels sent to help Abbie...


The Angel Gabriel, leader of A-Team, old, wise-guy, cool in an Bluesy sort of way


Helicopter Pilot-Tries to persuade Abbie that there is "order in the universe"!


School Janitor. Helps Abbie understand her tormentor Jess.


Ju-Jitsu Instructor. Tries to help Abbie understand the dangers of temptation


Persuades Abbie that we need to reach out to others to help them.

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